Today begins the last weekend of—no, not the world—shopping for Christmas 2012. While I do have a few more things to pick up, 99 percent of my holiday purchases have been made. I can get anything else I might need at a small, uncrowded, local shop. Those of you who are just beginning to shop because you put it off in case the world truly did end can enjoy the parking stress, store crowds and rude attitudes without me. I’ll be home dealing with the tortures of wrapping.
Purchasing only gifts that fit on shirt boxes is the way to go. Someday, I’m going to challenge myself to do just that. But this year, as with every year of my adult, gift-giving life, I found neat gifts of all shapes and sizes. They are all boxed up, which I thought would help when I got to the wrapping stage. However, because wrapping paper rolls accommodate shirt boxes, I’m left with a pile of neatly trimmed scraps.  
Typically what I need to purchase during my wrapping spree on the last weekend before Christmas are extra wrapping paper and tape. I always run out. But since I get the wrapping paper early, I never find one more roll of the same print. Therefore, I have to wrap the last few items with a different paper. That forces me to rearrange all the presents under the tree to make it look like I chose two different wrapping paper prints on purpose.
I always look forward to Christmas, the day all the purchasing and wrapping is done and I have 365 days to procrastinate for next year’s holiday. I also absolutely love to watch folks open the treasures I found for them. Some are funny, some sentimental and a few are practical. But all are well-thought-out and meant specifically for the recipient. So while I complain about the process, deep down, I really do love it.
Merry Christmas and warm wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, writer and content strategist is the author of Thurston T. Turtle books.
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