Ed Koch was the animated mayor of New York City when I was growing up in New Jersey, just 40 or 50 miles northwest of the George Washington Bridge. I didnít know much about politics at the time, but Mayor Koch made quite an impression on me. He was famous for randomly asking people on the street, ďHow am I doing?Ē He was a popular, successful leader driven by what the people he served needed and wanted for their city. At eight years old, I had no doubt he loved his city. Much of the success I enjoyed as an administrator blossomed from the seeds planted observing Mayor Koch. May he rest in peace.

While unpacking my veggie bean soup and local honey after a quick visit to our local health food store, I found a flyer. It seems that after assisting me while I shopped, the clerk thought it prudent to put the flyer for a free trial of a new weight loss pill in my bag. When I found it, I thought, ďGeez, kid. Iím finally able to attend Zumba classes and do my morning yoga stretches regularly. Iím considerably more active than when I was sitting at a desk all day. Give it time before you offer me a free trial for a diet supplement.Ē

Today, I am wearing my bifocals. After this yearís exam, my doctor adamantly wrote the prescription. I picked up the dreaded glasses yesterday. To my shock and excitement, I can actually see. I can see up close AND far away. Itís as if Iíve opened the door and stepped into a high definition world. So, maybe I am older and I do need bifocals. At least now I can see clearly. Wait a minuteÖwhatís that? Did I have those wrinkles around my eyes before? Is that a new freckle? How long have my hands looked like my motherís???

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, daughter & writer is the author of Thurston T. Turtle children's books.  
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