Pulling out of the parking lot at the high school earlier this week, I watched a young girl cross the street. The student was wearing spiked heels. From the ankles up, she was a casually dressed, innocent-looking high school child. From the ankles down, she was working the red carpet, on a date with a rock star, or serving as a bridesmaid. I am not comfortable in shoes like that when Iím sitting at desk all day at work. I canít imagine the pain Iíd have to endure to rush from my locker to class in them several times a day. When I was in high school, we ďdressed upĒ in high top, color coordinated sneakers. For the sake of that poor girlís feet, someone needs to bring the high top trend back into the high school fashion scene.

This week, I gave up gluten. I heard getting it out of my diet might make my joints feel better and improve digestive function. I also heard it might help me drop some of the extra pounds Iíve been clinging to since last winter. After nearly a week, I do feel better and Iím less bloated. Iíve also discovered gluten free bread, bagels, pasta, and flour. Iím going to attempt to make gluten free biscuits this weekend. With all the gluten free foods readily available today, I may not drop those extra pounds after all. At this point, I donít really know if gluten free has positively affected my weight, as Iíve been too timid to step on the scale.

There are rumors spreading about President Obama sticking around North Carolina after the convention to take in some Friday night football. I will be ready and waiting at our local game. Should he surprise us, Iíll take the opportunity to point out my son in the marching band and brag about him. To ensure some bragging time, Iíll be prepared to be one of the first to greet our president by wearing my comfortable, color-coordinated high tops. Now that I think about it, President Obama should stop by, as I might be able to start a new foot fashion trend and save many a young foot from future pain as a result.

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, writer and content manager is the author of Thurston T. Turtle books.
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