FAYETTEVILLE ó Arkansas coach Bret Bielema continued some national media rounds Monday, appearing on ESPN's "College Football Live" earlier this afternoon.

It wasn't a long segment, lasting roughly four minutes.

It also didn't cover any earth-shattering news.

Perhaps the most interesting part is what Bielema said when asked about Arkansas' offensive personnel and how it would match up in his run-oriented offense. Bielema said it won't be an exact fit this season, but believes that is where new offensive coordinator Jim Chaney will be valuable.

"Itís going to be a blend of the spread and the pro style," said Bielema, who said his offensive goals are rushing for 200 yards and throwing for 200 each game.

Here are the rest of the highlights from Bielema's interview on "College Football Live" today:

(On moving from Wisconsin to Arkansas)

Bielema: ďit came down to two basic things: It was a huge opportunity for me as a head coach to be in the SEC. Nothing against the Big Ten. I cut my teeth there as an assistant and as a player and as a head coach. But to join the SEC, especially in the world of 2014 when we kind of make a step forward and there are changes in the world of college football. And the other was to get an opportunity to bring along a number of assistants. I had lost quite a few over the last couple years. Basically some that moved for cash reasons and to provide for their families. So I got a huge jump in my assistant coaches salary pool, which was big.Ē

(On if personnel is in place to switch gears offensively right away)

Bielema: ďIíve always admired coaches that maximize their personnel the best. Obviously, theyíre going to have a personnel scheme here that isnít quite fit for what we did at Wisconsin right away. Weíll transition to that. I think one of the things of bringing in Jim Cheney from Tennessee and obviously all the places he has been able to have success, itís going to be a blend of the spread and the pro style. I look for balance. Iíd love to be able to sit here a year from now and know that we averaged over 200 yards throwing and running a game. Thatís a magic number to me that brings a lot of success. Itís going to be a work in progress, but one that weíre really excited for.Ē

(On his gameplan for winning in the SEC)

Bielema: ďObviously, thereís been a number of teams in our league in both divisions that have had success with a formula that was kind of similar to Wisconsin. Play good on defense, be able to have the balance in the throwing game and the running game. Be smart, be creative with your personnel. Take advantage of special teams. Arkansas has never been able to win the SEC championship and have played in the game three times. Itís going to be a tremendous opportunity and thatís our goal, obviously, is to get to that game and see what can happen after that.Ē

(On contacting recruits that may have committed to Wisconsin)

Bielema: ďItís always going to be a touchy deal. At Wisconsin, I basically made the decision that I wasnít going to reach out to any players unless they reached out to me. Really, only a couple of kids have done that. Itís different needs, different qualifications. Itís one I have the utmost respect for Wisconsin and Iím obviously going to be cheering for them big-time in the Rose Bowl.Ē