FAYETTEVILLE — Former Arkansas linebacker Bret Harris, who was arrested and charged with terroristic threatening on Tuesday, remained in custody Thursday.

Harris, via Twitter, threatened to “kill” Arkansas trainer Matt Summers, according to a University of Arkansas Police Department arrest report.

Arkansas coach John L. Smith was asked about the situation after Thursday’s practice and said he couldn’t provide many specifics.

But Smith, who was Harris' position coach at Arkansas, said "we need to get him some help" if he has "some issues and some problems."

Below is what Smith said about the situation:

(on Harris’ arrest and how it affects team) “It’s an off-the-field issue that we wish had never happened and would never happen. I just try to keep it away from our guys and not make it any kind of distraction to them, make sure that we’re thinking about this game.”

(on if Summers is OK after threat) “Yes, I mean - you know - it’s concerning. Which he is and we all are. But the administration has been dealing with that and that’s what they do. I mean, they go deal with those things so Matt doesn’t have to worry about it, so we don’t have to worry about it, so the team can concentrate on what it is we have to do.”

(on his recollections of Harris - Smith was his position coach) “Well, you know, Bret, yeah, I love Bret. I guess I love them all. I do love him and I’m just hoping for the very, very best for him. If he has some issues, doggone it, we have to do everything we can to help him. Let’s try to do that. So, in fact, in coming back, I thought he was going to do some coaching. We’ve talked several times since I’ve been back. But he’s a good young man and, again, if he has some issues and some problems, doggone it we need to get him some help. If there’s anything we can do, we’d certainly do it.”

Harris, whose bond is set at $20,000, has a hearing scheduled for Friday morning.

He also has a court appearance set for Nov. 2.

— Robbie Neiswanger • Arkansas News Bureau