FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas coach Bret Bielema met with the media today to look back at his team's 34-14 win against Louisiana-Lafayette and forward to Saturday's game against Samford in Little Rock.

Below are three things we learned from his press conference, which lasted roughly 27 minutes:

1. Swanson is insane — OK ... Make that Travis Swanson's knockdown block total in the opener. The senior - who is the leader of Arkansas' new-look offensive line, recorded 16 knockdown blocks, according to Bielema. 16! That's a big number no matter the opponent. One Bielema described as "insane." Bielema thought it would be enough to help him easily win the SEC's offensive lineman of the week award. He found out a few minutes later Swanson didn't get it, but that didn't diminish his accomplishment.

2. Tevin Mitchel is a father — Tevin Mitchel started Saturday's game and finished with a xxx tackles. No big dea, right? Well, throw in one other important fact: Mitchel became a father the day before the game. Bielema said Mitchel didn't rejoin the team until late Friday night, but was "smiling ear-to-ear." Bielema said his performance the next day also was impressive and that it "says a lot about him."

3. Bielema's Handshake Mistake — Bielema revealed there was only one coach he failed to shake hands with at midfield during his career. It was Houston Nutt. Bielema — after being asked about postgame celebrations — said he made a mistake after his Wisconsin team beat Arkansas in the 2007 Capital One Bowl. He was caught up in the celebration and forgot about going to midfield. Bielema said he felt horrible about it and went over to find Nutt at the Arkansas locker room. Bielema said Nutt "politely made me wait 45 minutes," but they finally shook hands. "There was no ill will. Just stupid on my behalf," Bielema said. "So as a head coach, I’ve always bee-lined right for their head coach."

Of course, there was much, much more from today's press conference. So check back to ArkansasNews.com for stories, blogs and more throughout the week.

— Robbie Neiswanger • Arkansas News Bureau