Knile Davis’ return is in the books.

The Arkansas running back finally … and officially … got it out of the way during the 49-24 win against Jacksonville State last Saturday. Davis started the game and finished with a team-high 70 yards on 18 carries. He also got into the end zone on a five-yard touchdown run, picking up his first score since the 2010 LSU game.

Davis admitted there was a little rust – and why wouldn’t there be after sitting out the entire 2011 season? But he felt good about his return. So did Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino, who said Davis was close to breaking some big plays.

So Davis has gone back to work this week, along with the rest of his teammates, as Arkansas prepares to play Louisiana-Monroe in Little Rock on Saturday. He met with the media earlier this week and looked back at his first game in more than a year, recapping how good it was to “get that pain after the game.”

Below is a portion of Davis’ Q&A with the media:

Q: How do you feel physically after getting that many carries and taking that many hits for the first time in awhile?

A: “It’s been awhile. I feel good though. A little sore, you know, after the game. But I’m feeling better in the training room, getting better. It’s what is to be expected when you play football.”

Q: When you went back and watched film, what did you think of your performance as far as finding the hole and hitting the hole?

A: “I think I did good. I think I missed two holes out of those 18 carries. The rest of them were good downhill runs. But course I can get a lot better. A lot better.”

Q: When you watched yourself, did you see yourself with your speed?

A: “Oh yeah. I think my speed was there. My cuts were there. My vision was there. Similar to the past. I think I did good. I think I did real good.”

Q: Paul Petrino said there were a couple of runs you’ll break for touchdowns in a couple of weeks. Do you agree with him?

A: “I agree with him. That’s something that’s going to come. You can’t force a long touchdown. It’s just something that has to come and they will.”

Q: Surprised your ability to tackle came back so fast?

A: “I had to make a play. I had to stop them from scoring. Just had to try to get them down.”

Q: You trust your body, you trust your ability, but is there a sense of relief to get through a whole game, take your lumps, get back up?

A: “Yes. I’m so glad I got a chance to play a full game. Get that pain after the game. Get that whole game feeling so that I’m ready to continue through the season. I think it was a good relief.”

Q: You hoping after this week no one has to ask you how you’re feeling?

A: “I think we’re good after this. I think the questions of, ‘How does it feel to be back’ will start to stop.”

The Thursday Q&A is a weekly feature on the Hog Blog. Questions and answers come from group interview sessions with Arkansas players and coaches. So we can’t take credit for all of the questions that appear in the Q&A – especially the good ones!