STUTTGART — Arkansas County Clerk Melissa Wood wants to dispel some rumors and misinformation that is going around on social media sites. According to Wood, there have been individuals saying the county’s new voting machines are changing votes.

“That is not true,” says Wood. “We are trying to let voters know that when they are voting there are three slides — pages — for voting for president, because there are eight candidates. There are three presidential candidates on the first page, three on the second page and two on page three. Most people are making a selection on the first page. Then they go to the second page of presidential/vice presidential candidates and vote again thinking it’s a different race. The page says ‘more’ until it moves to a different race, then it says ‘next’. The error is not with the voting machine, but actually with the voter not realizing that they are voting in the same race, not a different one.”

Wood has tried to inform voters about this issue prior to their voting, but there has still been some confusion.

Even if the voter does accidentally change their vote, there is still another safeguard with the printed ballot they receive after they vote, she said, where the voter can look to make sure their selection is the correct one. Voters are encouraged to view the last page of the ballot while still at the voting machine.

“If the voter fails to check either place, making sure their correct vote is recorded correctly, then the fault lies with the voter, not the machine,” Wood said.

She has instructed the poll workers on the issue and encourages them to inform the voters so they are able to vote correctly. If the voter does catch something wrong on their ballot, the poll workers can assist them in correcting it.

Once the vote is in the ballot box, she said, then nothing can be done.