The Hot Springs Village Police Department worked a number of routine calls, such as welfare checks and checking to ensure doors were properly locked, in addition to the following:

Nov. 10

An officer checked on a report of a suspicious car, and found a silver Ford Taurus parked off to the side of Tomino Way, with a guest pass displayed.
Policed checked on a report of a bus driving without lights. The bus was found parked at the Ponce de Leon Center. The operator wasn’t immediately found, and the officer left a note for the driver to call the police station before driving again.
A Villager told police from 70 to 100 oxycodone pills, for which he has a prescription, were missing from his medicine cabinet. He said a new worker had been in his home that day, and she had exhibited suspicious behavior.

Nov. 11

A worker at Plaza Carmona told police she had heard someone “cutting doughnuts,” or driving rapidly in circles, in an adjacent parking lot. A responding officer found no vehicles, but could smell burning rubber, the report said.
Gunshots reported in the Tenerife Way were probably off property, a report said.
A Villager said someone took a “craft sale” sign from the corner of Ponderosa Way and Balearic Road, either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Loss: $30.
A smaller German shepherd-type dog reportedly was loose in the area of Mazarron and Alava Way.
A Villager said three fraudulent purchases were made on her department store credit card in Illinois.
An officer told a job foreman if he needed to partially block the road while working on manholes, he would need someone directing traffic, and he said he would do so.
A Villager sent a $250 MoneyGram, bought at Walmart, as a deposit for a shih-tzu puppy, and later learned from the Better Business Bureau it was a scam. The scammer later bought a $115 MoneyGram in Minnesota. MoneyGram would provide no information on who bought it or who it was made out to, the victim told police.
A Villager turned in some brass knuckles he said he had found in the 1970s, saying he did not want them any more.

Nov. 12

A caller said a man was sitting in a white truck at the East Gate, possibly in an attempt to tailgate.
A 10-inch pine tree blocked both lanes of Cetrero Way, and was moved to the side.
An elderly man was reportedly walking up and down Atrayente Way, possibly for exercise.
Garland County Sheriff’s Department received a report of someone in a silver SUV shooting another individual’s hunting dog in the vicinity of West Main Haul Road and Oates Loop, but the department said to disregard the call before the officer arrived.

Nov. 13

A black SUV reportedly was driven erratically eastbound on DeSoto Boulevard.
An officer located an injured deer with both front legs broken on DeSoto Boulevard, 100 yards east of Fresno Road.
Pry marks were found on the front door of a Tobarra Lane home, but it is unknown if they were new marks or not, as the owners generally use a different door. A partial footprint was also found on the door; it appeared somone may also have tried to kick in the door.
An Alina Lane dog owner said her German shepherd-type dog was playful and may have gotten outside the electric fence. She said she would keep it on a leash in the future, in compliance with the Garland County leash law.
A Tobarra Lane resident said she heard someone trying to open a front door at 11 p.m., setting off an alarm. She saw a white male and a Latino male running from her residence and getting into a “dirty red-looking” pickup. Both appeared to be in their 20s.
Christ Lutheran Church received damage to stained slab glass outside the building, but it is unknown if it was deliberately damaged, or if it cracked and fell from age. If a parishioner cannot fix it, the repair is expected to cost $300-$500.

Nov. 14

The owner of an RV trailer parked off the side of Castellon Drive and Alcora Lane said he was moving to Mississippi, had just parked it there the night before, and would move it within the 72-hour limit.
The driver of an eastbound 2004 Buick Century said she fell asleep on DeSoto Boulevard and struck a culvert. Loss: $6,000.
A parked 2013 Toyota Avalon was apparently damaged while the owner was rehearsing at a church between 8:30-10:30 a.m. Damage: $600.
A Villager left Mt. Carmel Community at the Village to run errands, and didn’t return on time. Arkansas State Police issued a Silver Alert at the request of Village police. The man, who suffers memory loss and is diabetic, was later located in Louisiana, and was OK, although he was taken to a medical center as a precaution. ASP issues Silver Alerts at the request of a local law enforcement ageny, to help alert the public about a missing senior citizen.

Nov. 15

An officer who saw toilet paper rolled in several trees on Cullerendo Way knocked and saw a resident at the home, but never received a response when he said why he was there.
An officer saw a very friendly pit bull terrier-type puppy running loose on Asturius Lane, and told a man who said he was watching the dog for a friend he was responsible for it.
A driver of a vehicle partially blocking Sanchez Way said he was backing into a driveway when one tire went off the road, losing traction. The officer helped him get it back on the road and cleared the roadway.
Mailboxes on Almazan Way were reportedly damaged by a small-to-midsize, newer silver pickup, which may have backed into the mailboxes. The complainant said he wouldn’t press charges if the culprit would pay for the damage. Two area trucks were checked, but neither had damage matching the description.
A vehicle reportedly tailgated at Balboa Gate, and turned right onto DeSoto Boulevard.
A loud noise sounding like someone unloading lumber at night near Viscara Way was reported. The caller said the noise was loud enough to wake him up.

Nov. 16

A Badalona Circle resident reported a harassing call.

Nov. 17

Someone was reportedly camping in a truck parked in woods near Lake DeSoto Dam, but it wasn’t located.
A man in a store at 6139 N. Highway 7 didn’t immediately comply when asked to leave, mumbling several nonsensical stories. He walked away slowly and then came back. But he left quickly when told if he remained he would be charged with criminal trespassing.
Everything had calmed down before officers arrived at a reported Castano Drive disturbance.

Nov. 18

An Esplendor Place resident reportedly was yelling in his yard, possibly at another male resident of the same household. The complainant said previous nuisances had occurred there..
After a report of barking dogs on Victoria Lane, the sitter said she would try and keep the dogs quiet.
The owner of a barking dog on Faisan Way could not be located, and it was taken to the animal shelter