LITTLE ROCK — Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday approved regulations proposed by the state Plant Board to limit the use of herbicides containing dicamba.

The regulations would limit the months of the year dicamba could be used, ban dicamba from being applied within a mile of susceptible crops and require specialized training for new chemical technologies.

Dicamaba is used to kill weeds in pastures. It has been known to drift onto and damage crops not meant to be treated with it.

In a letter to the Plant Board’s chairman, Hutchinson said he believes the proposed regulations will not unnecessarily burden businesses.

But the governor also said he wants more information about the methods and research on which the Plant Board relies in approving new technologies. He directed the board to provide him with “clear rules” laying out what it expects in terms of prior study and testing by independent researchers.

Hutchinson also said he will urge the Legislature to enact legislation to increase the maximum penalty for misapplication of chemicals, which currently is $1,000.