"Busy" sums up the goings-on of the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association permitting and inspection department and the architecture control committee.
In the past few weeks, requests for permits numbered 87 and 84 were approved.
Two new homes are set to begin construction at 9 Carpintero Lane by Renaissance Homes and 6 Paraiso Lane by Holman Construction.
An in-home consulting business at 5 Aguila Way met ACC guidelines. No signage, no storage or walk-in traffic is expected at the residence, but because the property is rented a letter of permission was issued from the property owner.
The ACC authorized installation of a full-house generator at 54 Hartura Way and another generator at 6 Narvaez Lane.
A boat dock is going in at 27 Tiburon Way and a unique sea wall application granted a variance at Linares Lane. The proposed sea wall will be made from 80-pound interlocking concrete blocks on a gravel base, three courses high with cap stones finishing off the top.
ACC members granted a variance, providing the property owner supplies project drawings, and allows for a turnback within the wall and concrete footings.
A sunroom at 8 Perales Lane and a room addition at 1 Teruel Circle drew affirmation, but a request for a hot tub at 61 Alteza is tabled for the moment.
The ACC approved a tree removable at 17 Amable Lane.
A bronze-colored fence at 25 Lejos Lane doesn’t meet ACC color specifications and was denied as submitted. Fences at 40 Arjona Way, 32 Promesa Place and 7 Valerosa Lane are ready for installation.
Coronado Baptist Church requested and received renewal of its annual signage. The Village Shell station was granted a privacy screening fence and given a 30-day deadline for its installation.
The ACC meets the first and third Thursday of each month in the Coronado Center at 8:30 a.m.