LITTLE ROCK — The five military installations in Arkansas contribute billions of dollars to Arkansas’ economy each year, according to a panel created to advocate for the installations and their missions.

The Governor’s Military Affairs Committee, formed in September 2015 and comprised of public and private leaders from around the state, recently completed an analysis of the financial impact of the installations and released findings on Wednesday, according to a release from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

The committee found that the Little Rock Air Force Base, Camp Robinson/Camp Pike, Ebbing Air National Guard Base, Pine Bluff Arsenal and Fort Chaffee Joint Maneuver Training Center employ 21,000 people, indirectly support 41,400 jobs, and contribute annual totals of $3 billion in labor income, $4.5 billion in gross state product and $330 million in tax revenue.

“Gov. Hutchinson recognizes the importance of Arkansas’ military installations as significant drivers in the state’s economy,” AEDC Executive Director Mike Preston said in the release. “Through a strong partnership between the governor’s office, AEDC and Arkansas’ congressional delegation, we will work together to maintain and grow these locations throughout the state.”

The analysis, conducted over several months, included site visits at each of the installations.

The committee also made 17 recommendations, including initiating community-led partnerships in support of the installations, determining each installation’s capacity to accept new missions, retaining more veterans throughout the state through a variety of efforts, capitalizing on expanded National Guard training opportunities at Camp Robinson and investing state resources in enhancing the installations.

“Through the findings and recommendations from this study, we now have a clear vision for our next steps,” said Col. Gary Holland, AEDC’s director of military affairs. “I look forward to working diligently with our team to create new opportunities for those who serve.”

The full study can be found at