LITTLE ROCK — Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Thursday he is inviting Arkansans to offer ideas for making state government work better for them.

“We are looking for ideas that will relate to improving the services of government to its citizens,” Hutchinson said in a news conference at the state Capitol.

The governor announced the launch of a hot line and a website people can use to submit suggestions that he said should lead not only to improved services but also to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

“It’s delivery of services, it’s cutting costs, it is streamlining what we do in state government,” he said. “We solicit the ideas of Arkansas citizens, the taxpayers and the customers of state government. We will review those and then we will take the ideas that have merit, that make sense, that we can implement, and we will utilize those.”

Arkansans can submit their ideas to the MyIdea project by calling (844) 7MY-IDEA or (501) 683-IDEA or by visiting

People can submit ideas anonymously or provide their names and contact information so the state can follow up with them on their ideas.

Hutchinson said the project will require no new state spending because it will draw on existing resources within DF&A, which is manning the hot line and operating the website, and the state Transformation Office.

DF&A will decide which agency is best equipped to assess an idea and will forward the idea to that agency. Hutchinson has directed each agency to report back on an idea within 30 days of receiving it. DF&A and Fecher will track the responses.

DF&A spokesman Jake Bleed said it is common for members of the public to contact members of state government with ideas, but “this is the first time we’ve really had a dedicated line and a website.”

Mike Carroll, chairman of the state Transformation Advisory Board and a certified public accountant with Beall Barclay & Co. in Fort Smith, said, “I think it will be really interesting to hear from the citizens of Arkansas as to things that they would like to see improved, things that they think can be improved, and their ideas to do that.”

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin said he believes Arkansans who interact with state government are in the best position to know how services could be improved.

“They know what the experience is like, and so from the bottom up we can get their input,” he said. “I think that’s a fabulous idea.”