LITTLE ROCK — Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Wednesday he has directed the state Department of Agriculture and the state Plant Board to investigate a large number of complaints concerning misuse of the herbicide dicamba.

“I have directed (Agriculture Secretary Wes) Ward and (Plant Board Director Terry) Walker and some of my staff to go and meet with the farmers in Crawfordsville and different parts of the state that have been impacted by the dicamba chemicals and to try to really get more information as to what can or should be done in reference to that concern that’s been expressed by the farmers and how our rules that are in place are working or if there’s any deficiency there,” Hutchinson told reporters at the state Capitol.

The governor said those meetings were already happening Wednesday.

“I look forward to that information, and then we’ll see what action I should take,” he said. “But more importantly, it’s the Plant Board that has the lead in this. They’re the experts in this. I’ll look for their guidance.”

The state has received 50 complaints about alleged misuse of dicamba this year, according to the state Agriculture Department. The department has created a page on its website at with updated information on dicamba.

The Plant Board, a part of the Agriculture Department, investigates citizens’ complaints regarding agricultural chemicals.