We Americans are not very partial to those words. Meek implies a pushover. Someone easily conned. Spineless. Never the hero. Will not take a stand. “I do not want to get involved.” Dictionary.Com says: overly submissive, compliant, passive, timid, wishy-washy. Definitely not a word we would choose to include in our autobiography.

The same would be true for humble. Humble beginnings would be OK if we have achieved some kind of fame or fortune since that simple start in life. Everyone loves a good rags to riches story, or a tale of heroic efforts to overcome adversity along the path to stardom. But these bios cannot include words like sheepish, low in rank, insignificant, inferior, subservient, docile, shy, ordinary….

We also have difficulty understanding concepts like “the meek shall inherit the earth”. NO WAY !!! Meek and humble? That implies cowards. And servants. Slaves even. Definitely inferior beings – not worthy of our time and attention. Caesar. William the Conqueror. Alexander the Great. The Biblical David. Genghis Khan. George Washington… those are the names that resonate when we think of empire builders. Those are the names that “inherited” great portions of this planet we call Earth. No meek and humble there.

There are a host of feminists who would challenge St. Paul's notion that wives should be submissive (one of many synonyms for 'meek' in my thesaurus.). Although a large number of women do seem to gravitate toward mates who are strong, protective, take- charge, macho, authoritative… spousal abuse has become a major national health issue.
“… approximately one in four [women] have been subjected to severe physical violence, and nearly one in ten have been raped. Further, a third of all women who are murdered in the United States are killed by a current or former male partner.” Guttmacher Institute. 2017. Could it be that a touch of meek and humble in those “mates” might help?
Public service is another misunderstood term these days, especially misunderstood by many of those running for public office. The idea of being a servant does not appeal. Myideas and my welfare are more of a priority than yours. The meek and humble need not apply. To the victor belongs the spoils, not the service. The Ghandis and the Mother Theresas of this world are few and far between. We cannot deny their virtues, but we rarely choose to imitate them. We aspire to be first, not least. That nasty word servant has raised its ugly head again. Humility is not a virtue toward which we strive. Maybe we should.
I am tired of politicians who will not (cannot?) admit to mistakes. I am tired of arguments about Which Lives Matter. I am tired of the fact that the dollar sign is always the bottom line. I am tired of millennials (snowflakes?) who believe they are entitled. I am tired of those who do not understand that they did not create their own clever minds or quick wits. Or bless themselves with positive traits like perseverance and curiosity or with athletic ability or with musical talents. We did not create ourselves. Or hand pick our own gene pool. Or choose to be born in the USA. We have been blessed. We should be humbly grateful.
Peace be with you.