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MONDAY, Sept. 16

Lottery Commission eyes upping mileage reimbursement for employees

LITTLE ROCK — The state Lottery Commission on Monday considered raising lottery employees’ mileage reimbursement rate to a level higher than that paid to other state employees but decided to delay action until it can run the idea past state legislators.

The commission voted to table a proposal by member Doug Pierce of Jonesboro to raise the reimbursement rate from 42 cents per mile to 56 1/2 cents per mile, the maximum rate that is considered deductible as a business expense by the Internal Revenue Service.

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By John Lyon

Red Cross in Arkansas deploys mental health responders to Colorado

LITTLE ROCK — Three disaster responders from the American Red Cross in Arkansas have been deployed to Colorado to provide emotional support for residents coping with the trauma of a week of flash floods and evacuations, the agency said Monday.

Roger Elliott, state disaster officer for the American Red Cross in Arkansas, said the three responders deployed from the state are trained professionally as mental health workers.

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LITTLE ROCK — A physician who is a convicted sex offender has filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new law prohibiting registered sex offenders from providing Medicaid services in the state.

Dr. Lonnie Joseph Parker argues in the lawsuit, filed Friday, that the new law, which took effect Aug. 16, violates his constitutional rights.

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By Rob Moritz

Fort Smith teacher among finalists for top teacher award

LITTLE ROCK — Lisa Gray, an elementary school teacher in the Fort Smith School District, was named one of four finalists for Arkansas Teacher of the Year during an event at the state Capitol Monday.

Gray, who has been teaching for 32 years, is a literacy interventionist who teaches kindergarten through sixth-grade, but mostly first and second.

Gray is a graduate of Pine Bluff High School. Her parents still live in Pine Bluff.

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By Rob Moritz

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