LITTLE ROCK — Ninety-three workers died from job-related injuries in Arkansas last year, the state Department of Labor reported Tuesday.

The number of deaths from on-the-job injuries rose by five in 2011 from the 88 who died the year before, according to preliminary findings from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries conducted by the state Labor Department in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. Final results will be in April 2013, the department said.

The preliminary findings showed 74 occupational fatalities involved private-sector workers and six were self-employed. Seven work-related fatalities occurred in state government and six were in local government.

Men accounted for 82 of the deaths and women accounted for 11 job-related fatalities. Of the total, 73 of the workers who died were white, 14 were black and six were Hispanic.

Fifty of the 93 job-related deaths — 54 percent — resulted from transportation incidents, the 18th straight in which transportation incidents led all fatality events, according to the report. Of the 50, 36 were from roadway incidents, such as collisions, vehicles striking roadside objects or vehicles jackknifing or overturning on the road.

Eleven workers were fatally injured due to contact with objects or equipment, including nine workers who were struck by an object or equipment. Six workers died as a result of falls.

Also, 14 workers died as a result of exposure to harmful substances or environments, including six electrocutions and five heat strokes.

A total of 11 workers died as a result of violence and other injuries by persons or animals, including nine intentional injuries inflicted by another person such as shootings, stabbings or vehicular assault.