LITTLE ROCK — Gov. Mike Beebe’s deputy chief of staff was the victim of a robbery and carjacking early Thursday, Little Rock police said.

Lamar Davis, 42, told police he was driving on Asher Avenue in Little Rock on his way to a nightclub at about 1 a.m. when three men stepped into the roadway and flagged him down. The men brandished a handgun, hit Davis multiple times and made him sit in the passenger seat of his Dodge Ram pickup while they drove to a nearby ATM, where they made him withdraw cash for them, according to a police report.

Davis reported that the men then yelled to a woman who was driving a white minivan and told her to follow them. They told Davis they would kill him if he tried to run, and then took him to another location where they made him lie face-down on the ground. Before leaving in Davis’ vehicle, they told him that if he called the police they would go to his home and kill his child, according to the report.

Just before taking Davis’ report, police had received a report that another man had been held at gunpoint by three men who had then forced him into a Dodge Ram pickup, believed to be the one stolen from Davis, and taken him to an ATM machine to withdraw money for them.

Police broadcast the description and license plate number of Davis’ pickup, and shortly afterward an Arkansas State Police officer spotted the vehicle and began pursuing it. The vehicle crashed on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and the occupant or occupants fled the scene, evading police.

Davis was treated at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences for lacerations and released. He was off work and recuperating Thursday, Beebe spokesman Matt DeCample said.

DeCample said Davis worked under Beebe at the state attorney general’s office, in the Consumer Protection Division, before becoming Beebe’s deputy chief of staff after Beebe was elected governor.

The suspects are described as black males of unknown age, height and weight. They made off with Davis’ wallet and $300 cash, according to the report.