FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson’s comments after last Saturday’s game – when the senior said he believed the Razorbacks “at times, gave up” — have generated plenty of publicity.

Some have praised Wilson — who was forced to watch from the sideline because of a concussion — for issuing a public challenge after the lackluster performance. Others have been critical, saying the message should’ve stayed in the locker room.

Wilson said he understood both sides, but his statement wasn’t exactly aimed at his teammates.

The Greenwood native had others in mind.

“I was going into that room not to speak to the team, but to speak to the people because I’m an Arkansas kid,” Wilson said. “I know how much it means to me growing up, to a lot of you guys in this room, to a lot of the fans in the stands to see that display out there on the field, the product we displayed. And it’s tough.

“And I wanted everybody to know that that is not acceptable here and going forward we are going to do the best we can. I’m going to do the best I can to keep everybody together and display a much better product out there on the field.”

Arkansas defensive end Chris Smith said he didn’t believe the Razorbacks quit in the loss, but wasn’t upset at Wilson.

He called it “tough love” from a team captain.

Smith said he didn’t have a problem with Wilson’s comments, either.

“It was good to see him get up and talk,” Smith said. “He’s the spokesman of the football team. And I think he’s saying nothing more than, we all have to be accountable, we all have to go to the field, and we all have to get our jobs done.

“That’s something we talked about as a football team last night. We all have to be accountable. Let’s go get it done, and let’s make plays.”

— Robbie Neiswanger • Arkansas News Bureau