The big news a couple of weeks ago in our house was that my son earned his learner's permit. The big news now is that he finally received the physical permit, with his mug shot and a big yellow rookie stripe, in the mail. He was so happy when it finally arrived, every conversation he started began with, “Where can I take you?” as he flashed the permit like it was a badge. When he realized we had no errands to run and simply wanted to rest after a long day, he began to beg, “Please, anywhere. Let’s go through a roadblock! That way I can pull it out and show an officer. They usually set one up north of town.” Until he came up with the roadblock idea, I never thought of these policing events as something to seek out rather than avoid. The world through the eyes of a teen looks so much different than through the eyes of an adult.

In other news, astronomers discovered simple sugar molecules floating in the gases around a star about 400 light years from earth. To the scientists, this reveals that the building blocks of life exist before a planet emerges. To middle-aged women, like me, it provides evidence of the building blocks of chocolate, cookie dough, ice cream and pie floating around in outer space, confirming that sugar does indeed balance the universe, explaining why I need frozen yogurt topped with raspberry-filled chocolate bits on particularly frustrating days.

The bad news this week is that my gym bag is sitting on the back seat in my car, gathering dust rather than sweat. I typically head over to the gym during my lunch break. But this past week, I never made it out of the building for lunch. I’m certainly happy to be busy at work. However, until I adjust to my new work schedule, I’ll need to find another way to fit in exercise—and maybe cut back on the frozen yogurt topped with raspberry-filled chocolate bits.

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, writer and content manager is the author of Thurston T. Turtle books.
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