In less than a month, the community theater play for which I somehow achieved a lead role will open. At rehearsal last night, I tried to deliver my lines without holding the script. Mostly I inquired, ďLine?Ē As the inexperienced thespian, I felt like a fish flopping on the ground, gasping for air while inadvertently sloshing mud into my gills. When practice ended, I braced myself for a brow beating from the director and stage manager. Instead, they seemed oddly content and stated things were progressing quite well. Either they have really low expectations or they know something I donít. Considering itís my first play, Iím putting all my chips on the latter.

With my schedule being sucked dry by rehearsals and other play prep activities, Iíve decided not to worry about Valentineís Day this year. As a type-A planner, I typically come up with ways to celebrate the day of mushy, gushy love. In the past, Iíve purchased heart-shaped treats to leave out for my boys or pack in their lunches. Iíve also made dinner reservations and planned dinner parties. But this year, should something happen on my one night off from play practice, it will be up to Hubby to plan. Donít tell him, but Iíd be perfectly happy sitting on the couch with a plate of leftovers while we stream a movie. And it doesnít even have to be a romantic comedy.

We have lots of leftovers on any given day now that I cook five or more days a week. When I maintained the 9 to 5 schedule, I cooked once or twice a week. Okay, maybe it was more like once or twice a month. But now I actually have time to buy and cook stuff. I knew it would take some time for my kids to adjust to my newly discovered inner chef, so Iíve employed a new tactic for calling them to dinner. Since they trained their ears to tune out the sound of my voice, yelling, ďDINNER!Ē doesnít work well. Therefore, I snap a photo of the delectable food du jour. Then I send the image to their smartphones with a cute caption, such as, ďGet some before the cat starts licking it.Ē  

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, daughter & writer is the author of Thurston T. Turtle children's books.  
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