Happy first Friday of 2013. Hopefully, youíve made some resolutions that youíll find easy to fit into your lifestyle and keep forever. Since my lifestyle changed dramatically at the end of 2012, my New Yearís resolutions are simply a list of activities Iíd like to incorporate into my new routine.
Today, for instance, after dropping off my son at school, I stopped in at the Gingerbread House, which is a local coffee and pastry shop. Iíd heard rumors of other creatives hanging out there in the morning and inspiring one another, most of which were started by our good friend Rich Powell, Dixie Drive cartoonist. Since I could always use a little writing fodder, my plan was to stop in, get to know folks and incorporate the Gingerbread House into my regular Friday morning routine.
After my first visit, I can say with certainty that do plan to return next week. However, Iíd like to recruit some women. While it was nice to meet the woman who runs the shop, she was the only other woman in the place. The entire group of regulars was made up of men. Yes, they are wonderfully creative and interesting people who can certainly carry on good conversation. However, I felt as though Iíd crashed the boysí club house. I also sensed the jokes would have been a bit racier had I not pulled up a chair.
While I could simply drop this particular resolution and enjoy my coffee at home without fear of stifling mantalk, I realized before heading home that I needed to be strong and keep my resolution. I realized I needed to step out of my comfort zone, experience new things and meet new people. More importantly, I realized I needed to try the biscotti next week with my coffee.

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, writer and content strategist is the author of Thurston T. Turtle books.
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