As our neighbors begin to hang and fire up their Christmas lights, we still have bright orange spider web bulbs adorning a picture window and a couple of pumpkins rotting on either side of our front door. While it may very well be time to scoop up the sticky remains of our sagging jack-o-lanterns and disassemble the web, Iím not quite ready for the Christmas stuff. We typically begin decorating for Christmas after weíve cleared the dishes from Thanksgiving and recovered from the overindulgence, which takes a couple of days.

The same goes for Christmas music. Iím working on my Thanksgiving menu and searching store after store for cranberries. This year, the holiday berries seem to sell out fifteen minutes after they are displayed. As I work to gather nuts and berries for Thanksgiving, the holiday AFTER Halloween but BEFORE Christmas, I do like to listen to music. What I donít like are Christmas tunes 24/7 before Thanksgiving. As a result, Iíve had to reset the stations in my car. The only pre-programmed radio stations left in my vehicle are the ones playing 80s, soft rock or classic rock. Iíve set my internet radio stations to the same. I cannot drive around town or stir berries, roast turkey and bake pumpkin pie to Christmas music. At least not in November.

As Thanksgiving closes in upon us, I am truly thankful for my beautiful family, our wonderful friends, the amazing town in which we live, my cathartic and fun writing abilities and every one of you, my readers, who indulge me the honor of sharing through the written word. Happy, safe, warm Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, writer and content strategist is the author of Thurston T. Turtle books.
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