Weíve been cutting back at our house. Like many families today, we are trimming the family budget and working to be more frugal with our resources. Iíve actually been having a lot of fun with this new challenge to find more for less. I enjoy mapping out a route of consignment and dollar stores. Also included are the venues for which I have circled the specials in the sale inserts Iíve collected from the newspaper. Over the past week, I purchased a set of soup crocks for a couple of dollars each and stocked up on name-brand shampoo and conditioner, on sale for only $.75 each.

As we head into the Veteranís Day weekend, Iíve noticed there are several things that pull Americans together. Natural disasters fit that category. It has been amazing to see the recovery efforts for those in the Northeast who have been devastated by recent weather events. Please donate to the Red Cross if you can. Weíll certainly be donating the savings we enjoyed this past week and then some.

I also noticed that while a divisive election can cause friends to unfriend each other on Facebook over passionate political postings, when the votes were counted, everyone was happy the election was finally over. Some might even have been happy enough to re-friend an old acquaintance or two.

Also bringing us together are those in uniform. Thank you to our service men and women. You make life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness possible. Thank you. Happy Veteranís Day.

Micki Bare, mother of three, wife, writer and content strategist is the author of Thurston T. Turtle books.
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