Last week, I was so excited about the start of autumn that I mis-blogged regarding its first day. After reading someone else’s welcome message declaring September 21 as the first day of autumn, I liked the post and ran with the misstatement. Normally, my cynical personality questions everything, driving me to fact check before completing a writing piece. But last week, my cynical attitude was clearly stifled and my professional writing traits weakened. When I saw my cousin’s egg post on Saturday morning, which clarified the true first day of autumn to the minute, I was embarrassed and stunned. The stunned part came from learning that there are only two times a year one can balance an egg upright because of the position of the earth’s axis. Incidentally, my cousin is a teacher. To my cousin and my readers, I sincerely apologize for jumping the gun on the start of autumn.
Today is a great man’s birthday. He would have been 71. He also would have been the first to correct me on the actual first day of autumn the moment last week’s blog posted. Happy birthday, Popsicle. RIP.
My ideas for column and blog content come randomly throughout the day, regardless of whether I’m driving, sleeping, cooking or trying to figure out how to use a new remote control. Therefore, when I don’t want to forget a good nugget of fodder, but am not able to grab a pen and paper, I use a voice notes app on my phone. My notes, once transcribed by my app, typically begin with the words, “call  him.” No, I don’t need to call Hubby every time a great writing topic crosses my brain. Rather, the app translates me saying, “column” as “call him.” I’m not sure why the voice recognition on my phone still hasn’t caught on to the fact that even though I’ve lived in the South for nearly 30 years, I still pronounce call as “cawl.” Column, however, is “cah-lum” in my vocal world. Maybe its time to upgrade my phone. Clearly, portions of my accent are not upgradeable.

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