John L. Smith doesn't have much of a filter.

It has been clear in the four months Smith has worked as Arkansas' coach. It was apparent when the four years when he was an assistant on the staff. And it has been evident throughout his coaching career.

So the prospect of Smith spending the day on ESPN's campus and answering questions on numerous platforms had intriguing potential.

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While Smith didn't say anything outlandish Tuesday, there were plenty of notable bits worth recapping.

Below are some of the highlights from Smith's run through the ESPN car wash:

"We have to take care of game one, game two first. Then Alabama comes into town. It's not the season, but it is crucial. Its vital that we go to the field and its vital that we win that football game. And for us to show everybody and to show ourselves that we have a chance, weve got to go win that game. Smith, when asked by ESPN's Chris Fowler about the importance of the Alabama game in hopes of having a special season on SportsCenter.

"We have not set the bar at least to my knowledge. Unless its in Jeffs mind where that bar is set, Im not aware of that. The only thing that well do, well carry on a conversation about it without a doubt. Again, the way I look at it, the way our staff looks at it and hopefully the way this football team and program look at it is were going to give Jeff no other choice except to have to bring us back. Smith, when asked by ESPN's Dari Nowkah about his long-term future with the Razorbacks during an ESPNU interview.

"He has grown a ton just in the four months I was gone. I come back and I attribute a lot of it to Paul Petrino, who has been working with Tyler. Of course, Tyler is exuding confidence and leadership. He knows what he wants to do and he knows the system and knows where to go. Hes the guy thats going to lead us and, again, well be measured by just how many wins we get. Smith on QB Tyler Wilson during SportsCenter interview.

"We will be able to throw the football. We always have. For us to win the league for us to be the best team in the country, we have to be a running team. With Knile coming back, that has to be an emphasis. There comes a point in every game where you have to run the ball to win. Smith during an online chat with fans

"Yes I have talked to him. We discussed that early on. We've not sat down and made a plan, but there will be one this fall for live contact, live scrimmage, how much, where and when." Smith when asked during online chat if Davis is mentally ready for contact.

"It could be very good. We're going to rely on Chris Greg, one of the better TEs in the country. And we'll have to rely on some new guys. Wilson, a juco player, being one of those. And Julian, there are some guys who will step up. I think we'll have a very good receiving corps, much better than people expect." Smith, when asked during online chat who else will help WR Cobi Hamilton with departure of Marquel Wade.

"I try to have a little fun with it. Dont make it too serious, too soon. Its serious, but lets have a little fun with it as well. Its also a game thats meant to be enjoyed. College football is fun. So lets have some fun." Smith when asked during SportsCenter interview with Fowler about his personality.

Robbie Neiswanger Arkansas News Bureau