FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas coach Bret Bielema was pretty busy this morning.

By my count, there were three national radio show appearances. Maybe more if I missed one.

The appearances, of course, generated plenty of additional nuggets that weren't covered during Bielema's introductory press conference on Tuesday night.

There was an interesting one during Bielema's 10-minute appearance on the "Dan Patrick Show" this morning. His time on the program covered topics like the reason he didn't speak with athletic director Barry Alvarez until accepting the Arkansas job, how his salary pool for assistants has doubled now that he's with the Razorbacks, and why he left a place that has won championships for one that hasn't. Some of his comments will be included in a story that will appear in tomorrow's newspapers about Bielema's national media message.

But for this space, Bielema also was asked a question in reponse to a topic brought up a day earlier when Alvarez was on the program.

Would he like to schedule a nonconference game against the Badgers?

"Absolutely. It would be more out of respect than anything else," Bielema told Patrick. "As we move forward, the world of college football, the Big Ten talked about going to a nine-game schedule. The same thing here in the SEC. If that was something that could be possible ... it would be really fun for both fanbases. Both of them share the same colors and same kind of passion. Up there, we prided ourselves on some cheese curds and brats and all the things that make you great. And down here in Arkansas, it’s a lot of the same things. A lot of the same traditions and history. And obviously, a place that is starving for victories as much as Wisconsin.”

Alvarez, for the record, told Patrick he'd be all for it as well.

So that settles it then.

Arkansas is 0-2 against Wisconsin. It includes the 17-14 loss to Bielema's Badgers in the 2007 Capital One Bowl in Orlando, Fla. The other meeting was a 64-7 loss in 1912.

— Robbie Neiswanger • Arkansas News Bureau