HOOVER, Ala. Arkansas coach Bret Bielema created a stir earlier this summer, saying earlier this summer he believed fast-paced attacks can be unsafe for defensive players.

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze a proponent of those hurry-up offenses doesn't agree.

Freeze was asked for his opinion about the idea rules should be in place to give defenses time to catch their breath in between plays at Southeastern Conference Media Days. Freeze, obviously, said he didn't "buy into that philosophy at all" during his appearance in the main interview room Tuesday.

"I want to qualify it before I go any further," Freeze said. "I'm partial, obviously, to what we do.

"I don't think there's absolutely any proof out there that there is any kind of safey concern. I mean, defensive linemen traditionally and most commonly are more athletic than offensive linemen - not all the time, but most of the time. In this league, defensive linemen are very athletic. They're going to play the same number of snaps that the offensive linemen are. I don't think they're at any more risk health-wise than at the start of the game. It's physical and rough in the trenches to begin with."

Robbie Neiswanger Arkansas News Bureau