FAYETTEVILLE — The 2013 NFL Draft begins tonight and runs through Saturday.

Arkansas isn’t expected to have any players picked in tonight’s first round, but a handful of Razorbacks should hear their names called before the seven-round draft ends Saturday afternoon.

In fact, it appears Arkansas could have as many as six players — all on offense — selected with Tyler Wilson, Alvin Bailey, Knile Davis, Dennis Johnson, Chris Gragg and Cobi Hamilton. The six are included in a handful of mock drafts.

Below is a look at a few of those mock drafts and where several Arkansas players stand as the draft gets underway in New York City tonight.

NFL.com - Josh Norris

Round 3/No. 89 - QB Tyler Wilson (Houston Texans)

Round 4/No. 112 - TE Chris Gragg (Tampa Bay Bucs)

Round 5/No. 140 - RB Knile Davis (Arizona Cardinals)

Round 5/No. 166 - RB Dennis Johnson (Miami Dolphins)

Round 6/No. 176 - OG Alvin Bailey (Oakland Raiders)

Round 6/No. 195 - WR Cobi Hamilton (Houston Texans)

FoxSports.com - Peter Schrager

Round 2/No. 59 – OG Alvin Bailey (New England Patriots)

Round 3/No. 84 – QB Tyler Wilson (Cincinnati Bengals)

Round 5/No. 139 – WR Cobi Hamilton (Cleveland Browns)

Round 6/No. 204 – RB Knile Davis (Kansas City Chiefs)

Round 7/No. 224 – TE Chris Gragg (Miami Dolphins)

Sporting News

Round 2/No. 38 – QB Tyler Wilson (Arizona Cardinals)

Round 5/No. 135 – RB Dennis Johnson (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Round 5/No. 139 – TE Chris Gragg (Cleveland Browns)

Round 5/No. 142 – OG Alvin Bailey (Tennessee Titans)

Round 5/No. 145 – RB Knile Davis (San Diego Chargers)

Round 6/No. 189 – WR Cobi Hamilton (Minnesota Vikings)


Round 4/No. 110 – QB Tyler Wilson (San Diego Chargers)

Round 5/No. 154 – WR Cobi Hamilton (Washington Redskins)

Round 5/No. 158 – OG Alvin Bailey (Seattle Seahawks)

Round 6/No. 174 – RB Knile Davis (Arizona Cardinals)

Round 6/No. 193 – TE Chris Gragg (Green Bay Packers)