Arkansas opens the 2012 season against Jacksonville State on Saturday night.

It's also John L. Smith's first game as a head coach since 2006, when he was at Michigan State.

Smith has long been a proponent of letting his coaches coach and we saw it during preseason camp. He roamed from position to position during practices, taking more of a back seat to things than Bobby Petrino.

But what will it look like on gameday for the man now in charge of the Razorbacks?

Smith provided a glimpse of the potential gameday dynamic between he, offensive coordinator Paul Petrino and defensive coordinator Paul Haynes on Thursday.

"That all depends on how things are going," Smith said. "Normally what it would be is, Iíve always had a tendency to interject more probably defensively than I should. Offensively, it will be, 'OK, Iíd like to see your best play-action here or whatever.' So whatever (Petrino) has on his list, then he would go to that. So it would be something like that that I would interject.

"But, mainly I want ó and I think the team wants ó to see us all just operate and hopefully that will be the case."

Don't think Smith will just be hanging out on the sideline watching things unfold, though.

Smith said he, like Petrino before him and every other head coach in the country, will still be in charge of making gameday decisions.

He has proven to make some good ones, too. Remember Ryan Mallett's fourth down touchdown pass to Joe Adams that helped the Hogs beat LSU and wrap up a Sugar Bowl bid? While Bobby Petrino was the play-caller and decision maker, the former Arkansas coach acknowledged he turned to Smith for advice before deciding whether to punt or go for it.

"Do we go for it here? Do we not? All of those decisions I will go ahead and make," Smith said. "Time clock decision and all of that stuff. And a lot of times Iíll say, 'OK, Paul (Petrino) youíre in four-down situation. Youíve got four downs.' Reminding him of things like that as well. So thatís kind of how it will work. Thatís the way it always has."

ó Robbie Neiswanger ē Arkansas News Bureau