Arkansas kicked off game week with its Monday press conference, which featured coach John L. Smith, quarterback Tyler Wilson and defensive end Chris Smith.

Plenty of topics were covered during the 30-minute meeting with the media. Some of the information will be in tomorrow's papers. Some will be used later in the week.

For now, here's a look at five of the most pressing/interesting/newsworthy things from Smith, Wilson and Smith

What we learned Monday ...

1. Knile Looked Like Knile We knew Knile Davis earned live carries during last Friday's mock game. But how did he look? Smith said the running back "looked real good," even though he fumbled at the end of his first carry. Smith said the ground caused the fumble, though, so no harm done. The best news is that he's healthy and ready to go Saturday.

2. Suspensions For Opener Smith said there will be some players "righting some wrongs" for the opener. Translation: expect a suspension or two for the opener. Smith wouldn't name anyone specifically, but there's a good guess who one suspended player will be - tackle Jason Peacock. The senior was arrested in the offseason, but has done everything asked to remain with the team to date. We're guessing a suspension for the opener is the last part of his punishment and he'll be available in week two.

3. Expect Small at Linebacker Fullback Kiero Small was listed as the 2nd team middle linebacker on the depth chart today. But how much should we expect to see him on that side of the ball in the opener? Smith said he hopes Small gets a lot of snaps at linebacker. The only thing that will slow him down: Arkansas has to make sure he doesn't wear down.

4. Only Two Incompletions Wilson said the Razorbacks were sharp offensively during the mock game. In fact, he said there were only two incomplete passes throughout the scrimmage. He had one, while backup Brandon Allen had the other. If that's the case, it's safe to say Wilson and the passing game is ready to get started Saturday.

5. Mitchell, McKay Are Starters We knew Cobi Hamilton would be a starting receiver. We had an idea Brandon Mitchell and Mekale McKay had a good chance. Both were, in fact, listed as first-team players on the depth chart when it was released today. It's an impressive acccomplishment for both, who had strong preseason camps. Mitchell has only been at the position for a month. McKay, meanwhile, has shown steady progress as a freshman. Both will get a chance to impress on gameday now.

Robbie Neiswanger Arkansas News Bureau