FAYETTEVILLE Former Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the fourth round (No. 122 overall) Saturday.

He spoke to the Oakland media on a conference call a little later. The audio of the call can be found on the Raiders' website.

Below are some of the highlights of the conference call:

(Any regrets about returning to school?) Well, obviously, I think after things pan out you kind of look back and go, you know what, that wasnt necessarily business-wise maybe a smart thing. I know thats the way probably everybody else looks at it and questions my judgement. But my thought is, I want to be the most ready, prepared football player I can be and the only way I can do that in the NFL would be to go back to school for my senior season. I think regardless of what happened and maybe where you go in the draft, I think Im a more prepared football player by staying in school. So in that regard, Im extremely happy I got that opportunity and still have an opportunity to play in the NFL.

(Did you think you were going earlier?) Well, I think, being such a different year in the draft I did expect to go a little bit earlier. But Im so excited. I think the situation going into it everybody said the situation is most important. Its not necessarily what round or what spot or that. But its the situation. And I think the situation in Oakland is perfect. My dad is from California. Hes from southern California. But definitely a lot of family out there. When you look at the organization, theres a lot of tradition from the three Super Bowls. Theres a lot going in the right direction. And Im excited that I get to come in and compete and potentially have a chance of playing on Sundays and leading a football team. So thats what Im excited to do is get there as quick as I possibly can and start getting in the playbook.

(The two QBs have 3 starts. Expect to compete for starting job?) Well, I think any competitor would agree they want to play and they want to start and they want to come in and work. But as the coaches were talking about on the phone, we want you to come in and compete your tail off. And thats my approach. Wherever that leads me, well see at the end of the day. But weve obviously got three pretty good guys in there and Im going to come in and compete like crazy.

(Any issues with concussions?) I had the one last year. Dr. Collins from Pittsburgh, who is kind of the foremost expert on concussions, very much cleared in his regard and got his checkmark of approval. So I feel very confident. I played the remaining eight games at Arkansas with no problems there and took some pretty good licks. So I feel very good in that regard.

(Look forward to playing with Darren McFadden) No question. Grew up here in Arkansas. Was an Arkansas fan and watched him do what he did for the school and for the university. Obviously, hes done pretty well out there. Im anxious to get back there with him and build a relationship and see if we can work together.

(What it was like playing QB for Bobby Petrino) He's a tremendous quarterback coach. Its a quarterback university, whatever school hes at. The practice is tailored around the quarterback postion. I think any quarterback that plays for him has an advantage on a lot of other quarterbacks and schools because of the knowledge he expects you to know and the amount of pressure and substances that he puts on the quarterbacks shoulders. I think some years thats really, really good. Some years, thats a little tougher. But I think Im ahead of the curve in a lot of ways as far as the rookies coming in because of what coach Petrino kind of instilled at the quarterback position. Im excited to get in there and learn and figure out what were doing offensively and I think well be ready to go.

Robbie Neiswanger Arkansas News Bureau