When DC Entertainment (Warner Bros.) and Zack Snyder’s Superman film, Man of Steel, hit the big screen in 2013, comic book fans were excited to finally see their favorite heroes get a film franchise building toward a cinematic universe much like their on screen and comic book competition Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics. Fans are now 5 years into the DC film universe and there have been mixed feelings about the tone and direction of the franchise, but the Patty Jenkins 2017 Wonder Woman film began to unite the fans in the DC film franchise. James Wann’s (Furious 7 and Saw) Aquaman has continued to bridge the gap for DC fans.

Aquaman gave wonderful world building for film goers across the globe. The film not only introduce Atlantis and other underwater kingdoms, but it also introduced key Aquaman characters from the comics the average film fan would have not known. It takes guts to introduce not one, but three key villains in Aquaman lure. The problem with introducing that many characters in one film is there is typically not enough time to flesh each character to build up the proper tension needed to help the movie progress. Aquaman ran into this issue. Too many characters were introduced without having enough time to allow the audience to gain an emotional attachment to them. This made some of the characters arcs weak and non engaging. When the character arcs are weak this will typically lead to having an overall weak plot for the film.

Nowadays, it’s very important for comic book films to keep the attention of the audience with it’s storytelling and tone. Especially if the film is a DC film. Though the movie wasn’t as gripping as 2017’s Wonder Woman, it presented a unique blend of humor and intensity allowing the plot to flow through the film keeping audience’s attention. Wann’s direction for Aquaman felt like a nostalgic ride through a traditional 90’s action movie. Quick one-liner jokes on top of intense explosions and fun fight scenes.

Though they are still working on trying to find where they stand in the comic book shared film universe, DC is slowly starting to find their footing and beginning to leave their print. So, if you’re looking for a chance to escape reality for a few hours and have a great time, Aquaman is well worth it. I give Aquaman a solid 3 1⁄2 stars out of 5.