Hello and welcome aboard!!  This column is dedicated to travelers and dreamers in search of adventure.  Today’s unforgettable vacation will have you thinking outside the box as we explore overwater bungalow resorts.  These private villas will vary in size from one to four bedrooms.  Many are operated by all-inclusive resorts, bundling the lodging, meals, beverages and activities into one package price.  Couples, newlyweds, and family groups will all enjoy these exclusive hideaways built atop the crystal clear waters.  

An easy four hour flight can have you in the Caribbean and at your bungalow on the beach.  The glass floors of these overwater villas are impressive, with the clear, turquoise waters just beneath your feet.  Many of the bungalows are hand crafted from island grown hardwoods, and feature expansive patios, hammocks, and swim-up platforms.       

The nearby Caribbean is a popular destination, and basically has two seasons, a dry season and the wet season.  There is very little rain from December through March.  However, May through November are generally the slower, wetter months and therefore offer the greatest savings.  The brief rains during this period never seem to be an issue for vacationers, as every day in the Caribbean is a warm day.  

Naturally, worldwide locations and pricings will vary for such an overwater oasis, from the Caribbean nearby, to the Maldives or Bora Bora.  However, many are just a short distance from the U.S., making them more affordable than you might imagine.  The overwater bungalows have become quite popular around the globe, as the Caribbean, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean and even Cambodia offer precious vacation experiences in such a villa.  

Vacationing families tend to take in the sugar white beaches and amusement parks, and there are always kid friendly restaurants nearby.  Each destination is uniquely breathtaking and rich in culture and beauty.  Underwater villas are also available at some of these exotic locations.  Whether snorkeling, diving, or enjoying some down time on your bungalow terrace, all your cares will just slip away.  Not only is an overwater villa the perfect escape, it’s barefoot luxury at its finest.  It’s your ultimate getaway!!  

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