The Caddo Valley City Council adopted two ordinances and their emergency clauses during their recent meeting.

The Caddo Valley City Council adopted two ordinances and their emergency clauses during their recent meeting.
The first ordinance specifically stated that any campers or recreational vehicles stationed in a manufactured home park must leave the premises.
Caddo Valley hosts campgrounds and RV parks and they, besides only private residences not within manufactured home parks, are the only places that the campers can be placed.
Caddo Valley Police Chief Aaron Collier disclosed to the board that his department has had several complaints concerning the placement of the campers. Prior to the meeting, there was no legislation with which to properly address the issue.
“I couldn’t find anything that I could enforce it with,” said Collier, speculating that at the time of the meeting, there were four campers or RVs in mobile home areas within city limits.
Collier shared that one of the vehicles had even tapped into the water system with no account. Roberson told the board that the issue is being dealt with and that they are informing owners of RV parks where they can take their vehicles.
“It’s not that we don’t want them in Caddo Valley,” said Roberson. “We want them in the right place. This allows us to do that now.”
The CVPD will be giving warnings to violators of this ordinance. They will have 10 days after the warning issuance to remove their camper/RVs and if they fail to do so, will be guilty of a misdemeanor and fined $100. Each day on which the vehicles remain after the cutoff will count as a separate offense.
An emergency clause was accepted on the issue.
The next ordinance discussed a new statute concerning city approval of onsite alcoholic beverage consumption.
“We had ordinances that allow us to issue permits and liquor licenses, but we do not have an ordinance that allows on-premises consumption of alcohol in Caddo Valley,” said Roberson.
Responding to questions on what that meant, Roberson continued.
“The state statute has changed. Now, the city has to approve that you can have onsite consumption of alcoholic beverages.”
This pertains to businesses, restaurants or private clubs.
“If you’re in a wet county, the city council has to pass an ordinance that allows consumption of alcohol. This is brand new.”
Another emergency clause was accepted for the ordinance.
Other news revealed that the city’s new liquor store could open as early as spring break. Also, the Los Agaves Mexican Restaurant will reopen after renovations are finished.
Other items addressed:
• A reception was held prior to the meeting to honor of Roy Bethell, who is departing the Caddo Valley Police Department to join the Group 6 Task Force. Bethell was unable to appear due to working with the task force at the time of the meeting. He did however thank the board through a telephone call.
• In recent weeks, the Econo Lodge was closed to address fire code violations. In an update, it was learned that as of Feb. 26, the hotel still had yet to get a properly working fire alarm system.
• The city’s impending new website was also addressed.
“We want one that will have our meetings, our ordinances, our calendar so that if someone wants to look something up, it will have all our department heads and contact information,” said Caddo Valley Treasurer Debbie Roberson, also describing the website as interactive and more mobile-friendly.
The cost of the website will be handled through A&P. A decision should be made this month.