The MGA 9-Hole League had a great turnout for its spring breakfast meeting at Coronado Center.
Along with the great fellowship and food they had two guest speakers, Mike Socha, assistant director of golf, and Gary Myers, director of agronomy.
Socha talked about some of the golf activities slated for the summer and Myers talked about the improvements being made to golf courses including adding sand in traps, and providing more opportunities driving carts on the courses after rain. He was applauded for the great work he has been doing with golf courses.
MGA 9-Hole League now stands at 184 members with 24 new members signing up at the breakfast. Special recognition went to the group’s most senior members, Elton Benson, Bob Landers, Jim Miller, Sam Padfield, Bob Warren, and Lyle Wheatcroft. These guys are playing some of the best golf in the league at the young age of 90-plus.
League play has begun, but it is not too late to join. Go to sign up and join in the fun.