Helping Hurting Hearts Heal, an organization founded by Marcia Smith, an ordained minister, life coach and motivational speaker, will unveil the organization in Stuttgart tonight at Lively Stone Church as part of the organization’s 50 state tour.

 “My desire was to unveil the organization in my home state,” said Smith.  The group has a social media following of over 1.5 k members covering 24 states and four countries. The tour will give members of the group a chance to come together, hear powerful testimonies and continue their restoration and healing journey together.

 “Helping Hurting Hearts Heal was formed via a God-given vision,” said Smith. “ He instructed me to reflect on the painful experiences of my past and begin building a platform of powerful methodically utilizing each step of the pain as building blocks for others to stand on.”

 Smith resume includes rebuilding communities, dysfunctional families, abused women, troubled pre-teens, teens and young adults.  As someone who has been through life’s trauma, she is now using those tests as testimonies.

 “I am very acquainted with the fear, rejection, anger, hatred, promiscuity and life's pressures people endure daily being I have lived and overcame many of these very experiences,” said Smith.

 Tameko Thompkins Holt will be the testimonial speaker at the unveiling.  On September of 2015 while Holt was on her morning walk, she was run over by a utility truck knocking her unconscious for seven days breaking every bone in her face resulting in fluid leakage of the brain and surgeries.

“I’ll be speaking on the grace of God,” said Holt  “I could've died but God’s grace kept me.”

The unveiling will start at 7 p.m. For more information about the organization or event go to