After a review of the Hot Springs Village Comprehensive Master Plan, I’m reminded of my senior-level marketing class in college. Our professor asked the class: “How many of you have heard the old saying; if you build a better mouse trap, people will beat a path to your door?” “Well,” he said, “This course will prove to you that saying is a myth!” “We will explore how the marketing of a product, when applied in a systematic, intelligent and effective manner, is the only reason people will beat a path to your door!” I have never forgotten that lesson.
Many will agree that Hot Springs Village is that proverbial “Better Mouse Trap,” as-is.  However, people are certainly not beating a path to get here. Is the answer to adopt a made-in-Hollywood philosophy of; If We Build It, They Will (eventually) Come,” or should minds and resources be committed instead to a stated strategy to aggressively market to, and attract potential new residents?
The scope of the CMP is impressive, but we must ask, What will create the dramatic increase of new residents that will make this plan possible? The only reference to “marketing” was buried deep into the report. Instead of a plain language marketing plan, we see incoherent words that say much, but mean little. What exactly is this “Branded Messaging?” How will the “New Vision” be “Crafted and Directed?” We all like to see amenities created, and existing ones improved, but first a resident populace must be established that will sustain such a growth proposal.
Finally, I'm reminded of what an old baseball sage once said: “You can’t sell the hot dogs with no butts in the seats!” How very true.

Glen Robertson
Hot Springs Village