As another school year come to a close, the class of 2018 needs to be congratulated on the amazing accomplishments. The end of the year is when the academic scholarships are tallied and revealed to the parents and residents of Newport and Jackson County.

            Newport High School had 63 graduates in the Class of 2018 compared to 65 graduates of Tuckerman High School. Newport seniors accepted 129 scholarships as well as other local and private scholarships for a total of $ 593,280. Of the 65 Tuckerman Seniors, 46 students (71% of the class), were awarded or accepted 171 scholarships and financial awards with a total value of $1,100,000. It is important to note that Newport does not disclose unaccepted scholarship information.

            Students from each high school accepted Arkansas Academic Scholarships. Newport had 18 students accept Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship for a total of $ 252,000 and Tuckerman had 31 students accept a total value of $418,000.

            Alton E. and Thelma McCartney scholarship awarded 62 scholarships. The Newport graduates accepted 25 totaling $ 43,000. Tuckerman graduates accepted 37 totaling $ 56,000.

            Tuckerman High School’s Courtney White and Brian Tarno were honored as Arkansas Governor's Distinguished Scholar Recipients. These graduates will receive $40,000 each. Brian Tarno was also awarded a Fellowship Scholarship Award from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, for a total value over four years of $70,000.