A Villager who stopped just inside a card gate to prevent a suspected tailgater from entering said occupants in the next vehicle gave an ugly gesture and then used a card to enter the gate. As usual, several scams were reported. And someone threw part of a watermelon into a yard after leaving a beach.

June 29
A gray Chevrolet Astro van reportedly was driven erratically on DeSoto Boulevard near Carmona Road. The van was not registered to a Villager.Trash found by a patrolling officer in the area on Naron Road, near Paso Way, had an envelope with a La Canada Way address, so the officer went to the address and found it for sale and apparently vacant, with similar trash bags by the street. A Realtor told the officer the owner had moved out and two men with a rental truck were hired to haul off trash to the landfill. Two other men came by and took some of the trash, leaving around midnight on June 25. The debris on the road included a small table, empty boxes of nails and other shop-type items.

An officer found a bent metal drainage grate at Majorca Drive and Lindsey Way, possible damaged by a moving van.
A Villager told police he thought a pickup was trying to tailgate in Glazier Peau Gate, so he stopped and allowed the gate the close. The truck’s occupants gave him an obscene gesture, and used a card to enter. The truck was still behind him when he turned into the POA office. An officer drove to the office and explained the dangers of taking matters into one’s own hands, the report said.
An officer went to Granada Drive after three open 911 calls, and found a landscaper, who said his phone has accidentally dialed 911 several previous times.
A white truck reportedly was going door to door on Cresta Circle soliciting work; a POA policy violation.
A night boater reported red flashing lights inside a Galeon Way home. An officer concluded the lights appeared to be a self-contained alarm.
A white car with two occupants reportedly tailgated in Danville Gate, turning west onto Balearic Road.

June 30
The driver of a black Ford Fusion who tailgated in Balboa Gate was found at Balboa Beach and had a guest pass, and was told she must use the main gates.
After a report of a personal watercraft in use on Lake DeSoto, an officer found its owner, who said someone on the lake told him personal watercraft are not allowed on the lake, and he was getting ready to load it.
West Gate staff seized a gate card that was presented by a relative of the owner, a policy violation.
A lost driver ended up in a Brota Lane ditch, but a passerby helped pull the vehicle out, with no visible damage.
Three dogs were reportedly running loose near the Calella Road causeway.
An officer moved a dead deer to the side of DeSoto Boulevard, near Fuego Way.
An officer took a report of an earlier domestic disturbance on Alina Lane.
Passengers in the bed of a red Ford pickup with an extended cab reportedly threw part of a watermelon into a Sereno Lane yard. The truck came from the Cortez Beach area.
After the smell of cannabis reportedly came from an Aldaya Lane home, an officer warned a man its use is prohibited in Arkansas, and he could become subject to arrest.

July 1
A man with an unleashed dog at DeSoto Beach was told it could not be on the beach, and must always be leashed.
A Villager told police he received an email purportedly from Apple Support, saying his Apple ID had been suspended. He followed a link and entered personal information and entered a selfie photo of him holding his driver’s license and Social Security card. He became suspicious and contacted Apple Support by phone, which said the email was not legitimate.

An officer went to Arias Way after a 911 hang-up call. A woman said she and her husband had been in a verbal fight that she thought might turn physical.
After a report of loud talk and fireworks, an officer told a group on an Ontur Lane boat dock that fireworks are not allowed in the Village, and that the county noise ordinance prohibits unreasonable noise after 10 p.m.
After a report of possible gunshots in the Medina Way area, an officer heard off-property fireworks. Other reports of possible gunshots or fireworks came from areas of Pego Circle, Monovar Way and Perralena Way.

July 2
An officer went to a reported disturbance on Vaqueria Lane.
People fishing in the Cortez Beach area quit and left when told it is against policy.
An officer moved a tree blocking Santa Maria Road.
Two dogs were reportedly running loose on South Barcelona Road.
A DeSoto Lake resident said speeding boats are coming within yards of his boat dock.
Trash and debris dumped on Primaveral Lane had envelopes with names and addresses, and is under investigation.
Barking dogs were reported on Serenidad Trace.
A Banolas Lane resident reported possible harassment.
A motorcyclist hit a deer on DeSoto Boulevard near mile 6. Damage: $2,000.

July 3
Police received reports of three males walking onto Village property south of the West Gate.
A Villager told police someone with a Wilmington, North Carolina, address added a second phone to his Verizon wireless account, resulting in charges of $210 for monthly use and $1,150 for a phone.
A white truck failed to stop at the West Gate.
An officer responded to a Salobrena Way noise complaint.
A dog found on Minorca Road and a cat found on Perralena Way were taken to the animal shelter.
Fireworks were reported in the area of Herencia Circle or Fresno Road area, a policy violation.
Two small dogs were reportedly loose in the Cordero Lane and Emperado Way area.
After a verbal altercation on La Canada Way, the complainant said her partner had been drunk all day.
A 2005 Honda Accord hit a deer on Calella Road near Sabadell Lane. Damage: $4,000.

July 4
An officer was unable to reach a hose in the water near Lazo Place, and notified the lake patrol.
After a report of two men passed out outside a La Vista Lane home, an officer found one man face down and another man sitting in a chair. LifeNet took the face-down man, who was speaking gibberish, to a Hot Springs hospital. The other man, Paul Gilbert Harris, 52, told police he did not have anyone who could come watch him until he sobered up and he refused ambulance assistance, so he was arrested for public intoxication for his safety. Garland County jail staff refused to accept him in his condition, so he was taken to CHI St. Vincent for treatment.
Police went to a family disturbance on Arias Way.
Fireworks were reported on Cortez Beach.
A visitor, who had a pass, tailgated in Balboa Gate to go to Balboa Beach. An officer told her she must use the inside lane at a staffed gate.
A Certero Circle resident said someone rang the doorbell and left.
A 2003 Buick Century hit a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu on Balearic Road near Camino. The second driver was cited for following “too close.” Damage: $700 and $2,000.
An officer assisted Garland County Sheriff’s Department with a one-vehicle wreck near McNeely Circle and Tall Timber Trail.