From Conway Police Department reports

Man falls asleep by tree, cited for public intox

A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication after reportedly falling asleep in a random Conway resident's yard.

Police were called out last week to the 600 block of Faulkner Street after the homeowner learned there was a suspicious man sleeping in their front yard.

The suspect, later identified as Joseph Daniel Teague, was sleeping against a tree when officer Lyle Peresko arrived on scene shortly after 8:30 a.m. July 27, according to an incident report.

As the officer attempted to wake up the suspect, Teague reportedly would not say anything and instead gave Peresko "a thumbs up" when asked if he was OK.

Teague eventually woke up, but was confused about where he was. The 25-year-old reportedly thought it was Wednesday and that he was in Fort Smith before admitting he'd been drinking.

"Joseph did tell me he had been drinking but when asked when the last time he had a drink, he stated two weeks ago," the officer wrote in his report, also noted the suspect smelled strongly of alcohol. "Due to Joseph not being coherent enough to know his location, current date or his current address, I arrested him for public intoxication for his safety. Joseph was transported to Unit II, where he was cited and jailed. While driving to the jail, Joseph continued to apologize for drinking too much."

Man jailed after reportedly stumbling through yard

Authorities arrested a 27-year-old man early Saturday morning on suspicion of public intoxication after the man reportedly refused to go inside his home.

An officer was patrolling Mill and Gum streets when he noted a man stumble over a couple of lawn chairs in front of a residence in the 200 block of Mill Street early Friday morning, according to an incident report.

As the officer watched the man in question, the suspect walked over to a white Chevrolet truck that was sitting in the driveway and started the the truck. Concerned that the man was going to try to drive away from the residence, officer Hayden Schmitt walked up to the man and asked him to turn down the music that was turned up "excessively loud."

The suspect, who smelled strongly of alcohol, was "sweating profusely" and had bloodshot eyes, initially declined allowing the officer to see his ID.

"I don't have an ID for you," the suspect, soon identified as Nicholas Talbert, said, standing with his pants unzipped.

Talbert reportedly told officer Schmitt he lived at the Mill Street residence. However, according to his driver's license, he did not live there. Schmitt learned from another individual at the home that the man often stayed at the Mill Street residence.

The woman who confirmed that Talbert was staying at the Mill Street residence told the suspect to go inside after speaking with the officer. As he walked into the home, his dog ran outside and Schmitt reportedly leaned down to keep the dog from getting away, which reportedly upset Talbert. At this point, Talbert reportedly began cussing at the officer.

After cussing the officer, Talbert was ultimately arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.

"The female came outside and asked him to come inside with her. He complied with hear request and made it all the way to the doorway, but then his dog escaped," Schmitt wrote in his report. "I reached down and I caught the dog, which prompted Mr. Talbert to come back towards me while shouting, 'Get your hand of my [explicit] dog!' I let the dog go, informed Mr. Talbert he was now under arrest for public intoxication. I then seized the opportunity to place him in hand cuffs, which was brought on by the shock that I was no longer going to let him go to bed."