Political signs in Hot Springs Village can be placed 25 days prior to an election, and must be removed within five days following an election.
Property Owners’ Association architectural control committee chairman John Froning told members on Oct. 1 he had reviewed the POA’s protective covenants on political signs after receiving several inquiries.
Signs for the general election can be in place Friday, Oct. 12, and must be gone by Sunday, Nov. 11. The time frame covers the actual election date, not the early voting period or the date that ballots are mailed, Froning said.
For the POA’s Nov. 30 election on 13 issues, signs may be placed by Nov. 5 and must be gone by Dec. 5.
The POA’s compliance division, which is staffed at the police station, has removed some signs that were placed early, Froning told ACC members.
Early voting for the general election opens Oct. 22.
Ballots for the POA’s Nov. 30 election will be mailed to members in good standing on Oct. 26.
Arkansas has created voting centers. Voters must register and vote only in their county, but may choose any convenient voting center in that county.
Saline County has a Nov. 6 polling site at Balboa Baptist Church, but it is open only to any Saline County registered voter, even though it is very close to the Garland County line.
Garland County voters may vote at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Nov. 6 or any convenient voting center.
Act 633 of 2017 set requirements for photo IDs. Voters may obtain a voter ID card from the county clerk’s office.
Acceptable IDs for voting must show a photo of the voter, must be issued by the federal government, the state of Arkansas or an accredited postsecondary educational institution in Arkansas.
If the card has an expiration date, it must have expired no more than four years before the election day. Also, first-time voters must present unexpired identification.
Acceptable photo IDs include an Arkansas driver’s license; a federal or Arkansas issued photo identification card; an Arkansas concealed handgun carry license; a U.S. passport; an employee badge or identification document issued to any person by an accredited postsecondary educational institution in Arkansas; a military identification document; or a public assistance identification card.
Voters who do not have an acceptable ID may sign an optional verification of identity affirmation, under penalty of perjury, and vote a provisional ballot which shall be counted after registration is confirmed.