"12 Baywood", Heber Springs' only venue for live theatre, is in full rehearsals for the classic movie comedy, "Send Me No Flowers", scheduled to go up (that's stage lingo for being in performance) late next month.

  You might have ordered the movie from a source like Netflix late one night. You remember, it was on a sleepless eve and around three a.m. you went scrolling down movie lists, hoping to find a good ole' laugh riot.  W.C.Fields? Mae West? You progressed from the 30's to the 60's, happily settling on Rock Hudson and Doris Day.

The 1965 hit "Send Me No Flowers" cast Ms. Day as "Judy Kimball", the female lead. In the upcoming Heber Springs version, Carolyn Burrall has the role of Judy, and with lots of work Doris Day might have been a worthy understudy  because Carolyn will undoubtedly turn her part into a source of uproarious laughter.

Carolyn Burrall's experience on the comedic stage is perhaps the longest among the regular ensemble at "12 Baywood --Theatre in the Ground". Her story begins in India where she was born in 19_ _. (You really didn't think we were going to reveal that, did you?)  Her parents were serving as missionaries there, and her father's later pastorates took the family to Arizona, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas...  and eventually to the promised land, Hot Springs Village, AR.  Carolyn is a proud graduate of Jessieville High School, where she had major roles in shows such as " Lumberjacks and Wedding Bells".

Upon relocating to Cleburne County, Carolyn continued to nurture her love for the boards. She would faithfully make the dark, cold drive over to Searcy to be a part of the Circle on the Square theater, playing  in "Rest in Peace, Emma Lou Briggs" and having the Sally Field role of M'Lynn in "Steel Magnolias". Searcy still has a vibrant theater community and is well worth one's attention.

The Gem Theater in Heber Springs was, in days past, the center for the performing arts in Cleburne County. It is now a lovely art deco cinema, but had been a venue for live performances of various types in Heber. Carolyn Burrall performed in several productions there, including "Smoke on the Mountain", "Harvey" and "The Butler Did It".

When June Painter led the reorganized Heber Theater into being a company that does shows for the benefit of local charities, Carolyn became one of its regulars on stage. She was seen in "Dracula Baby", "Let it Ring!" and performed one of her favorite roles as Monette in "Always a Bridesmaid".

Ms. Painter asked Jeff Craddock to take over the directing for Heber Theater, and he eventually found it a permanent home at 12 Baywood. Craddock quickly saw the talent in Ms. Burrall and has cast her as the female lead in each show that required one. These include "Beginner's Luck" and "God's Favorite", where she played the Broadway role made famous by Charles Nelson Reilly.  Yep, Carolyn played a guy, and the hapless Devil at that.

Carolyn Burrall is not just theatrical, if occasionally a smidgen histrionic on the adorable side . She is the director of traditional music at First United Methodist Church, a lover of pups Cosette and Pippa, a powerful soprano, a golfer, and we hear -- a heck of a cook.  Come see her and the rest of the 12 Baywood players next month. There is no cost for tickets, but donations will be accepted for local charities. Call 501 206 6868 or 501 270 1450 for more information.