Tacos 4 Life will kick off its second annual Season of Giving on Nov. 1 in Conway.

“Throughout the month of November, for any canned food donation — no matter the size — every guest will receive a free taco card, redeemable in December,” spokesman Catherine Festa said. “Tacos 4 Life created the program to give back locally, in addition to their global efforts, for the holiday season.”

Tacos 4 Life, a meal-for-meal restaurant, will partner with area food banks for a canned food drive throughout November.

“This fundraiser will coincide with Tacos 4 Life’s daily philanthropic efforts to help end the fight against world hunger,” Festa said. “By eating at Tacos 4 Life this November, guests will donate a meal to a child in need in third world countries and raise meals for kids in their own backyard.”

Tacos 4 Life’s mission is to end world starvation.

For more information, visit tacos4life.com.