Conway Writers Group

Members of the Conway Writers Group met during January on Friday afternoons from 2 to 4 at the Ola and John Hawks Center in Conway. Co-leader Jean L. began each meeting with current announcements, a welcome to newcomers, and an invitation to members to voluntarily read their current or previous work of poetry and prose in many forms.

January 4

During the first meeting of the New Year, Mike B. read two of his poems: “My Imaginary Friend” and “What Is a Poem?” June S. read her short story, “My Walk in the Morning Mist,” about her daily routine of walking her dog in the morning. Jean L. read a timely prose piece, “The End Is Here,” about celebrating a milestone birthday at year’s end and facing 2019. Paula A. read her poem, “The Shadow of the Cross,” about the early life of Jesus and His ministry leading to Calvary.

January 11

Joyce Hr. read a prose piece, “Christmas with Chloe,” from her self-published booklet with the narrative told by the family dog at Christmas time. Mike M. read his poem, “All about Champions,” based on the recent college football championship game – Clemson vs. Alabama. Newcomer Rebecca W. read her poem, “Two Angels,” as a reflection on her life experiences. Michael A. read his short story about a mysterious patient with limited memory who visited a doctor’s office seeking help – with a surprise ending.

January 18

Jean L. announced that the Log Cabin Democrat newspaper was now seeking volunteers for participation on a Community Advisory Board. She invited any CWG member interested in this opportunity for service to contact the newspaper. Discussion ensued about a pending project; i.e., producing an anthology of works by CWG authors of prose and poetry. Online production and subsequent sales downstream of a printed booklet (maybe a book) could be a cost-effective way for sharing creative works by members with Arkansas institutions and people interested in creative writing. Dan B. read his short story, “A Moving Experience,” a humorous exploration of reading materials provided at the toilet in bathrooms. Mike B. read two comedic song parodies. “I’m the Doc” parodied “You’re the Tops,” and the other was a parody of “Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley” based on his ex-physician, Dr. Ning Tang.

January 25

Jean L. announced the upcoming Arkansas Writers Conference to be held June 1 in North Little Rock. Mike M. read his poem inspired by incidents in TV scripts of the Star Trek TV series, “All about Wormholes.” The poem described wormholes metaphorically as an exit from stressful situations in life to another time and place. June S. read her short story, “Grandpa Mac’s Gift,” which evolved after his passing as recollections of sage advice to his granddaughter. Dan B. read his short story, “A Winter’s Tale,” about a man with a chronic psycho-emotional burden who walked with his wife to an overlook in the mountains. It seemed to his wife that he might be considering a leap over the cliff, but the story turned on a dime to a different outcome. Newcomer Tucker S. read his poem, “A Celebration of Birth Year 1941,” based on his life experience and fashioned as a narrative for sharing with his family and children.

About CWG

Conway Writers Group members meet weekly to support and encourage each other and improve the craft. They view all writing as creative. Its goals are to encourage, assist, and celebrate writing in all its forms. Meetings are free and open to the public. Members take inspiration from author Isabelle Allende who advised, “Write what should not be forgotten.”