Crawford County

Macayla Breanne Jones, 500 Hidden Oaks Road, Alma; Chapter 7.

Johnson County

Annette Hilton, 214 CHerokee Lane, Clarksville; Chapter 7.

Logan County

Hue W. Lo and Vanessa T. Lo, 3704 E. Walnut St., Paris; Chapter 7.

Polk County

Tammy Marie Free, 922 Polk Road 62, Mena; Chapter 7.

Sebastian County

Ronald K. Morrow and Tammy S. Morrow, 15210 Old Jenny Lind Loop, Fort Smith; Chapter 7.

Jerry D. Arbaugh and Wanda J. Arbaugh5611 Country Club Ave, Fort Smith; Chapter 7.

Eugenia L. Clark, 606 Ernest St., Barling; Chapter 7.

Alison L. Underwood, aka Alison L. Joyce, 8200 Hermitage Drive, Fort Smith; Chapter 7.

William E. Jeffress Jr. and Brenda K. Jeffress, 505 Sherwood Ave., Fort Smith; Chapter 7.

Jonathan Terry Erwin, 5900 Cedar Break, Fort Smith; Chapter 7.

Hugh Avery Williamson, Jr. 309 W. Central Ave., Lot 27, Central City; Chapter 13.

Douglas R. Latham and Sheila A. Latham, 3306 S. 64th St., Fort Smith; Chapter 13.

Sarah Jane Gibbs, aka Sarah Vaughan1157 Mt Valley Drive, Greenwood; Chapter 13.