LITTLE ROCK — Ted Cruz mocked Donald Trump and his favorite slogan in a rally in Arkansas’ capital city Saturday night.

LITTLE ROCK — Ted Cruz mocked Donald Trump and his favorite slogan in a rally in Arkansas’ capital city Saturday night.

"It’s easy to talk about wanting to make America great again. You can even print it on a baseball cap," Cruz told a crowd at the DoubleTree hotel in downtown Little Rock.

The Republican Texas senator and presidential canidate said it is principles, not slogans, that can make America great again. He said that if he is elected, he will repeal the Affordable Care Act, abolish the IRS, grow the economy and keep America safe.

"I’m convinced this election is going to come down to three things: jobs, freedom and security," he said.

Trump also took on his other main rival for the Republican nomination, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, saying Rubio has supported amnesty for illegal immigrants.

In a question-and-answer session with reporters before he took the stage, Cruz said Arkansas is "a critically important state" in the presidential race.

Cruz said Democrat Hillary Clinton and billionaire Trump are close on many issues and said he presents a clear, conservative alternative.

Asked why he chose to release only the first two pages of his tax returns from 2011-14, Cruz said he did it to match his opponents. He criticized Trump for not releasing any tax returns — Trump has said he is not releasing them now because he is being audited — and said it raises questions about what the returns would show.

Joining Cruz in the rally was radio and television personality Glenn Beck, who likened Donald Trump to fascism. People are drawn to Trump, he said, because they feel powerless and want someone to come in and slap people around.

"That leads to places like Mussolini," he said.

Beck also told the crowd, "Hillary Clinton should not be running for president. She should be in prison."

Cruz has made two previous campaign swings through Arkansas. He made appearances in Little Rock, Russellville and Van Buren in August and in North Little Rock in December.

Arkansas elected officials who have endorsed Cruz include Secretary of State Mark Martin and at least 18 state legislators. Gov. Asa Hutchinson has endorsed Rubio.

Mike Brannen, an information technology manager from Sherwood who attended Saturday’s rally, said he supports Cruz because he trusts him to restore conservative values to the country.

"He learned the Constitution when he was 8 years old. He’s been this way all of his life," Brannen said.