LITTLE ROCK — A bill to block federal funding for Planned Parenthood for one year passed in the U.S. House on Friday with the support of all four members from Arkansas.

LITTLE ROCK — A bill to block federal funding for Planned Parenthood for one year passed in the U.S. House on Friday with the support of all four members from Arkansas.

The bill, which is not expected to clear the Senate, passed in a 241-187 vote, with nearly all the votes for the bill coming from Republicans and nearly all the votes against it coming from Democrats.

The bill is aimed at giving Congress time to investigate claims that the organization harvests organs from aborted fetuses and sells them for a profit. Members of Congress began calling for an investigation of the organization after an anti-abortion group released videos earlier this year shot by undercover operatives — videos that Planned Parenthood says have been deceptively edited and do not show wrongdoing.

Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-Hot Springs, said in a statement Friday, "For far too long, our tax dollars have been financing abortion at the hands of Planned Parenthood. As recent videos have shown, the organization is engaged not only in abortion but other deplorable acts. That is why I co-sponsored and voted for the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015 and will work to defund the organization that places more value in the selling of body parts of babies than the health of women."

Rep. Steve Womack, R-Rogers, said, "Unborn lives matter, and I am frankly disgusted by Planned Parenthood’s unethical actions and continuously callous tone. As the House continues to investigate this egregious, potentially illegal behavior, we should not provide federal funds to such an organization. As a staunch defender of life, I am also proud to support stronger legal protections for children who are born alive having survived an abortion. I will continue to fight to protect the most vulnerable among us — the unborn."

Rep. French Hill, R-Little Rock, said that until Congress has completed an investigation of Planned Parenthood, we cannot in good conscience use taxpayer dollars to fund the organization."

"As a pro-life member of Congress and someone who strongly believes in good, responsible government, I am proud to support legislation that protects the rights of the unborn and increases funding to women’s health services at Community Health Centers across our state," Hill said.

Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Jonesboro, said, "I strongly support women’s access to the best available healthcare, but the recent discovery regarding Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices and transactions gravely questions the organization’s legal — not to mention moral — standing. Transferring Planned Parenthood’s funding to other qualified women’s health organizations cements our commitment to women’s health while protecting the unborn and those born alive, until an investigation can determine the full extent of the horrific allegations against the organization."

Eric Ferrero, spokesman for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said in a statement Friday the accusations against Planned Parenthood based on the undercover videos have been debunked.

"Now that the false claims against Planned Parenthood have fallen apart, politicians are heartlessly scrambling to attack women’s access to health care however they can," he said. "It’s clear those behind these attacks have always had a clear agenda: to ban abortion, and cut millions of women and men across the country from necessary reproductive health care. They’re continuing to push that agenda no matter how many they hurt in the process."

Last month, Gov. Asa Hutchinson ordered the cancellation of Arkansas’ contract with Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in response to the undercover videos. The organization filed a lawsuit claiming the cancellation is illegal, and on Friday a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order reinstating the contract for two weeks.