“United we stand, divided we fall” said the Greek story teller Aesop. Every sports team has many players who are different in their size, abilities and duties and each one will devote their heart, mind and soul to effectively fulfill their responsibilities in a righteous manner and also be an example and an encouragement to the others players. The teams that win more than they lose have something in common: they know how to compete without hatred; they bring forth ideas to the table to discuss and debate; they make improvements on themselves; they never cause division within their team by criticizing and negative name calling another player, that would quench a team spirit and eventually destroy the entire team.

The same is true for a business that is successful; each person who draws a paycheck from that business must be loyal, appreciative and cooperative or they will be dismissed because otherwise they will cause contention and division within and that will put everyone out of work. We all understand this, therefore we should demand all of our politicians to compete as best as they can by offering up a better idea and quit manipulating others to hate our elected officials; quit causing riots because the Constitution is being obeyed by those who took an oath and vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Un-American people hate true Americans, our flag, our Constitution, our three branches of government, our military, our local and federal police and our prosperity. We know the news media has a wicked ulterior motive because they word their presentation in a way that causes confusion, dissension and division from all that is sacred, secure and successful; and that goes for the DNC and many of the Hollywood elite. They should shut up and compete fairly.