LITTLE ROCK — A bill filed Tuesday would give pregnant women the right to use deadly force to protect their unborn children in some situations.

Senate Bill 170 by Sen. Gary Stubblefield, R-Branch, titled the Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act, would declare that a pregnant woman is justified in using physical force or deadly force to protect her unborn child if she reasonably believes that the unborn child faces a threat that would justify the woman’s use of physical force or deadly force to protect herself.

Also, under the bill a pregnant woman would not be required to retreat or surrender property before using deadly force unless she knows she can avoid the necessity of using deadly force and simultaneously ensure the complete safety of her unborn child.

The justification for physical force or deadly force to protect an unborn child would not extend to a person other than the mother under Stubblefield’s bill.

The bill states that pregnant women are often the victims of abuse at the hands of husbands, ex-husbands and boyfriends and that the violence "is often directed at the unborn child or intended to end or jeopardize the pregnancy."